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To Make Agriculture a Sustainable Proposition

This is a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) with two-tier shareholding. Direct Shareholders and the Indirect Shareholders, who form Common Interest Groups (CIG), organise themselves as a society and invest in the company in the name of the society.

Immaterial of the shareholding pattern, every connected farmer will be dealing with the company, directly. All sale proceeds and share of the profits, will be credited to his accounts directly.

The profits of any financial year, will be apportioned in the ratio of 60:35:5. 60% of the profits will be distributed as Patronage Bonus to those farmers who have transacted with their turmeric for the subject financial year. 35% of the profits will be kept as General / Designated Reserve to finance the company's future plans/needs. Only 5% of the profits will be distributed to all Shareholders, as per the share holding pattern.

The company currently has 3000 farmers, as either direct or indirect shareholders.

The company envisages to establish 40 centres located across turmeric cultivating areas of Tamilnadu, so as to facilitate the farmers to travel a maximum distance of 30 km to transact with the company.

Also, these centres will also sport outlets for agricultural inputs and leasing of farm equipments, in addition to consultation / training services.

Our Mission

Revenue from Produce, through
  • Adoption of State-of-the-art Technologies and Methodologies in Segregation, Packing, Quality Assessment, Standardisation and Aggregation in Stocking and Trading

  • Providing Transparency in Quality, Quantity and Transaction for Producers and Buyer

  • Cutting Across Supply Chain so as to transfer major portion of Consumer Payments, to the Producers.
Minimise Cost of Production,through
  • Popularisation of innovative Cultivation Practices

  • Enabling Farm Generated Inputs and Crop Protection Approaches

  • Distribution of inputs at least cost with aggregated purchases and negotiation strength

  • Institution of Capital Intensive Implements and Leasing at Least Cost

  • Facilitation of pooled cultivation with aggregated
3100 Farmer Members
23500 Bags(1225 MT)
Total Stocks
6 (One per Pack)
No.of Producer Clusters
8.25 Crores
Value of Current Stock


Receipt and weighing

  • Turmeric is counted bag-wise and weighed before further processing, so as to indicate to the farmer, the ungraded quantity that he has brought to the yard for stock/sale.
  • The turmeric, if infected by pests, is subjected to fumigation, before further processing.
Benefits to Farmers:
  • The farmers get the exact measure of the turmeric that they have brought for sale unlike their measure of only sacks and nothing in kilograms, which is in vogue. This protects them from monetary loss due to unethical practices in vogue.
  • First leg fumigation prevents the bugs from spreading to the existing stocks held.

Grading/Weighing and Packing

  • Turmeric, after fumigation, is processed to remove all dust and debris present in the stock, followed by size-wise grading and destoning.
  • The destoned and graded turmeric is filled in new synthetic sacks, weighed to standard 50Kg nett.and packed for further handling.
  • The farmer is issued a stock receipt, grade-wise.
Benefit to Farmers:
  • Farmer gets his First Feed Back on the Value Produced by him, not just the quantity.
  • Farmers' sacks are returned and the graded produce is packed in new synthetic sacks.
  • No Discount is applied for presence of stones (eliminated in processing) and sack weight.
  • Farmer need not be present at the time of delivering his goods to the successful bidder.
  • Grading brings transparency in the goods offered for sale, thereby eliminating uncertainity in the minds of the buyers.
  • Segregating/eliminating the small %age of low quality produce from the main produce, helps in significantly improved price for the prime quality produce.
  • Eliminating stones and other non-turmeric matter helps to avoid discounts to buyers.


  • Stocking option is provided to the farmers, to avoid distress selling.
  • Stocks are uniformly stacked and fumigated periodically.
  • The warehouse is duly licensed under Tamilnadu Warehouse Act, to issue Negotiable Warehouse Receipt (NWR).
  • Benefits to Farmers:
    • Distress Selling is avoided. Current market practice do not provide the option to stock, in the case of dis-satisfaction of offer price.
    • Better maintenance at least cost.
    • Better liquidity, because of pre-weighment and pre-packing.

Loans against stocks

  • In cases where the farmer is not interested in the prevailing market rates, but is in need of funds for his incidental needs, he is eligible to seek Pledge Loan by hypothecating his stocks through NWR, with banks, at an interest rate of 7% per annum.
Benefit to Farmers:
  • Distress Selling due to immediate monetary needs, even under bearish market conditions.
  • Farmer is able to get the benefit of market upswing, by holding on to his stocks even under distress.

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